2018 Arizona Adult Literacy Week

The 2018 Arizona Adult Literacy Week Proclamation
The 2018 Arizona Adult Literacy Week Proclamation. Click to enlarge.

Arizona Adult Literacy Week is an annual, statewide event celebrating adult literacy and lifelong learning in Arizona communities. In 2018, it will be from March 4 to March 10,with plenty of local community activities to engage in before and after that. The purpose of Arizona Adult Literacy Week is to increase awareness of the importance of adult literacy including its impact on quality of life and economic recovery through creating an educated citizenry. It is important because approximately 17% of Arizonan’s do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent and are not enrolled in school. Furthermore, 10% of Arizonan’s over the age of 18 cannot communicate effectively in English. Arizona Adult Literacy Week celebrates the hard work and accomplishments of adult education programs, instructors, volunteers, community organizations and of course adult learners.

Adult learners from all over Arizona are invited to participate in the Adult Literacy Week Contest. When you upload your entry (see below, ‘Contest Entry Form’) you are asked if you would like to speak about your entry at the COABE Conference (March 25-28, 2018). This is a good opportunity to present in front of adult educators and other learners from all around the nation and makes a great addition to your resume. A selection of entries may also be presented at the 2018 Adult Literacy Week Awards Ceremony (May 1, 2018). Learners can create digital media based projects on the 2018 theme, “Expanding your horizons and soaring to new heights“. This theme mirrors that of the 2018 COABE Conference. See the below sections for more information and to submit your entry! The deadline for contest entries is April 14, 2018.

If you have questions, or if you experience trouble submitting your entry using the ‘Contest Entry Form’ below, email [email protected]