Earliest Reopening of SAIS since 2003!

Arizona Department of Education Opens Student Accountability Information System for 2012 School Year
Historic July 11 Opening Marks Earliest Availability for Schools Since 2003
Phoenix, AZ, July 18, 2011– Today, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) announced

that the Student Accountability Information System (SAIS) was opened to Arizona’s public schools for the 2012 school year. Last week’s July 11 opening of SAIS marks the earliest time that the system has become available for schools to input their student information since the 2003 school year.
“This is a tremendous accomplishment by the Department’s CIO Mark Masterson and his entire team,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal. “This dramatic turnaround from last year – when SAIS didn’t become available to schools until October – is something that Mark’s team should feel very proud of and exemplifies ADE’s focus on providing ‘knock your socks off’ customer service.”

SAIS is used by the state’s schools to upload their student information records to ADE. Among its many functions, SAIS collects and aggregates detailed student educational data used to compute state and federal funding, to be used for local, state and federal reporting requirements and to track the academic achievement and growth of schools, districts and charters in Arizona’s public education system.

Upon taking office in January of 2011, Superintendent Huppenthal made fixing the SAIS system one of his Administration’s top priorities. Opening SAIS in July marks another dramatic improvement in the Department’s handling of the data system. In addition to this important milestone, under Superintendent Huppenthal’s leadership the SAIS system has been online and available for schools nearly 100 percent of the time since January – as compared to the system being unavailable 26 weeks last year (50 percent of the time).

The Camp Verde Unified School District was the first of Arizona’s schools to input their 2012 student data into SAIS following its opening on July 11.

“Due to ADE having SAIS open already, I was able to complete uploads for all my school sites on July 12, 2011,” said Rhonda Austin, SAIS Supervisor for the Camp Verde Unified School District. “The early opening of SAIS facilitates the correction of errors and allows more time to make sure uploads are processing correctly, allows time to complete several uploads without SAIS closing before I have completed all corrections and enables us to get SAIS numbers for new students. I appreciate ADE working hard to make SAIS available this early.”