Accounts Receivable

Phone (602) 542-9434


Breakdown of Accounts Receivable Items:

Linda Smith – Grants Beginning with A – L, T & W, Unidentified – 77003, GED, Youth Group, Inter-Agency Transfers (excluding Central Distribution), Conference Funds & Refunds 87370 – 99999 and Archive Management

Juanita Bodenschatz – Grants Beginning with M – Z, NSF, Teacher Certification, Wire Transfers, Central Distribution Transfers, Conference Funds & Refunds 87351 – 87369, B of A Direct C.C., and Transmittal Orders.

Charlene Macon – Supervisor for Travel and Accounts Receivable. Processes monthly Use Tax reports, Vendor invoices for travel reimbursements, Petty Cash reimbursements and Revolving Fund Account.

Angela Garcia – Manager of Travel and Accounts Receivable, Capital Fixed Assets and 1099-Misc Reporting