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IDEAL Registration Now Open 


 2013 Spring Courses offered through the Arizona Department of Education. Here is how to register:
1. Have your IDEAL ID (username) and password available. If you don’t have an IDEAL account, you will need to click here: to set-up your IDEAL account.
2. Once you have signed into IDEAL, using the orange Sign In button in the upper left-hand corner, click on Professional Development on the left-side menu bar.
3. Click on Course Catalog. The courses that are available for registration will appear.
4. Click on the Course Title of your choice. Then click on the section that is currently marked Open.
5. Click on the link: Sign Up for <<The course you want to take>> .
6. Your email address and name will automatically appear. Add your phone number and click Sign up.
7. You will use a credit card to complete the transaction.
8. You will receive your receipt and notification of successful registration.
9. Courses begin on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. You will receive additional information on how to access your course from your facilitator prior to the start of the course.
10. Course registration will remain open until each course is filled to capacity, through the day the course begins. If the course you wanted to take is not listed in the course catalog, this means it has reached it full registration capacity and has closed.
The following courses are now open for registration:
· Intel Teach Project-Based Approaches - 30 hr - $65
· Intel Teach Assessment in the 21st Century - 30 hr - $65
· Intel Teach Collaboration in the Digital Classroom - 30 hr - $65
· Intel Teach Thinking Critically with Data - 30 hr - $65
· Intel Teach Educational Leadership in the 21st Century - 15 hr - $50
· AZTeach 21(Teaching the Educational Technology Standards) - 30 hr - $65
· Arizona's Common Core Standards Phase 1 - English Language Arts - 15 hr - $50
· Arizona's Common Core Standards - Mathematical Practices - 30 hr - $65
· 45hr Full Structured English Immersion Completion Course Rev – 45 hr - $85
· The Arizona's Common Core Standards Phase 1 - Mathematics - 15 hr course will open the end of March and will run April 2 – April 24th







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