SPOTLIGHT – Scottsdale

Scottsdale Unified Highlights their extraordinary 21st CCLC Program to increase attendance

Many times, a 21st CCLC program struggles with how to partner with their District to inform the school community about the grant. Thinking outside the box, Jennifer Brazel, the Scottsdale Unified School District’s 21st CCLC Grant Specialist, came up with a brilliant idea for community outreach; a 21st CCLC webpage!

“Our 21st CCLC Webpage provides information about what the purpose is behind the 21st CCLC program itself.” Jennifer said. “It also offers the focus of the program along with the requirements of having this program.  I have also listed my contact information along with all 9 schools with the Site Coordinators contact info for parents or community member to contact them with any questions.  We have also posted pictures of the programs and a Video from Coronado High School.”

To see what Scottsdale is doing with their 21st CCLC webpage, click on the following link: