Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get a new Common Logon or an application added to my Common Logon Account?

Please have your Business Manager or Entity Administrator email a request to to have additions or changes made to your Common Logon account.

Please include the following information for new accounts:

  1. CTDS or Entity ID the account is to be associated with:
  2. User’s Full Name:
  3. Title:
  4. Phone:
  5. Fax:
  6. Email:

Name of the applications user will need access to:

2. How often is integrity run? How often is aggregation run?

Integrity is run every Tuesday and Friday. Aggregation is run every 1st Friday of each month. Please visit the IT Bulletin board for updates:

3. What are the working hours of the ADE Support Center?

The ADE Support Center is available to assist you Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm excluding holidays.

4. What is a CTDS number?

CTDS is an acronym for County Type District School. This number is (nine) 9 digits long and is used to identify a school, district or charter holder.

CTDS number breakdown:

  1. “C”= County number (2-digits long)
  2. “T”= Type number (2-digits long)
  3. “D”= District/Charter Holder ID number (2-digits long)

“S”= School Site ID number (3-digits long)

5. What do I do if I do not understand the errors that I am receiving?

If you are receiving errors on a report and cannot figure out how to correct them, please send an email to Please provide as much information as possible pertaining to the error including, but not limited to, the name of the district, school, student/SAIS number and the name of the report.

6. What do I do if I have lost or forgotten my Common Logon Password?

If you have lost or forgotten your username and/or password for Common Logon, you can perform any of the three (3) following actions:

i.   Email us at

a.  When emailing, please list the school district/charter, school name and a contact number we can reach you at, if necessary.

ii.   Call us at 602-542-7378 or Toll Free at 1-866-577-9636

iii. Go to to recover your password.