Early Literacy Grant

HB 2545 included the Early Literacy Grant program, codified as A.R.S. § 15-249.09, providing support to improve reading skills, literacy and proficiency for students in kindergarten programs and grades one through three. Eligible schools may also use the grant funding for eligible expenses to provide a full-day kindergarten program that is structured to increase reading proficiency. Grants shall be awarded on a three-year cycle to eligible schools. Eligible schools are defined as a public school with at least 90% of its students eligible for free and reduced lunch. For a list of eligible schools, please click the Resources drop down menu below. Eligible schools were determined based upon the claim data from October 2016 as reported to the ADE Health and Nutrition Division by each LEA. This list was cross-referenced with the AzEDS Student Level and Free and Reduced Lunch data from the 2016-2017 school year to ensure all schools were captured. For inquiries regarding free and reduced lunch percentages, please contact Health and Nutrition. Eligible schools may apply via the website and applications are due by November 1, 2017.

Schools participating in the Early Literacy Grant must submit an annual report containing a summary of the funded activities, information on the school’s progress toward achievement goals, specific findings on grant-funded strategies and activities, and the level of effectiveness in improving reading proficiency. The annual report is due by June 1st of each calendar year.

While both the Early Literacy Grant and Move On When Reading address K-3 literacy, they are separate endeavors. All schools with K-3 students are required to submit Move On When Reading literacy plans this year, even if they are also completing an application for the Early Literacy Grant.