U.S. Department of Education Allocation of IDEA Part B Funds

Arizona’s Grant for IDEA Part B (611)

Arizona received the state allocation tables for IDEA Part B this past week. The short and sweet of it is that our allocation was reduced by 5.6% due to sequestration. Which is about what we thought the reduction would be based on earlier communication from USDoE. However, what was a surprise was that the LEA allocations were reduced by 6.6% or about $11 million dollars. The reduction was taken in the “population and poverty” portion of the allocation formula. Individual LEA allocation reduction may vary due to increases and decreases to the overall student enrollment and number of students living in poverty as reported to the ADE through October enrollment and SAIS during the current fiscal year.

State Administration and State Set-Aside funding had a very slight increase of 2.2%. These set-aside funds cover grants to LEAs for Capacity Building, IDEA and Preschool Emergency, High Cost Child, Secure Care, ESS sponsored professional development activities, program and fiscal monitoring activities overseen by the ESS section.
Arizona’s grant for IDEA Preschool (619) was reduced by 6.6% due to sequestration. In the case of 619 funds, the poverty and population portion of the formula was not funded at all. LEA allocations will be reduced by just less than 3% or $115,568.
Below are links to the Fiscal Year Allocation for Grants to States IDEA Part B Sections 611 and 619.