Technical Skills Assessments

Rigorous Program of Study Framework

Ten Components and Subcomponents

Component 10:


National, state, and/or local assessments provide ongoing information on the extent to which students are attaining the necessary knowledge and skills for entry into and advancement in postsecondary education and careers in their chosen POS.


Well-developed technical skills assessments:

  • Measure student attainment of technical skill proficiencies at multiple points during a POS.
  • Employ industry-approved technical skill assessments based on industry standards, where available and appropriate.
  • Employ State-developed and/or approved assessments, particularly where industry-approved assessments do not exist.
  • Result in the awarding of secondary credit, postsecondary credit, or a special designation on a student’s high school diploma.
  • Incorporate performance-based assessment items, to the greatest extent possible, where students must demonstrate the application of their knowledge and skills.     >>>Home>>>