College and Career Ready Standards PD Team

This cross-divisional work team coordinates its initiatives with the Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards Leadership Team.  Its charge is to:

  1. enhance the coherence of all ADE professional development activities designed to support effective implementation of Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS) and
  2. align all technical assistance to support effective implementation of AZCCRS.

Its first action was to define effective professional learning and adopt Standards for Professional Learning.  The definition and standards serve as the foundation for all ADE professional development and related technical assistance.“Just as the Common Core State Standards establish rigorous expectations for the learning of all students and define the expected outcomes, the Standards for Professional Learning describe what effective learning for educators looks like and what its core components are. Standards provide guidance for planning, implementing, and evaluating professional learning.” “To make substantive changes in teaching and learning, professional learning must be a continuous process sustained over a period of time that engages educators in learning from experts and with and from one another,” according to Joellen Killion of Learning Forward. She adds, “The research-based Standards for Professional Learning provide a solid foundation upon which to base decisions about professional development for Common Core. If the standards become the set of assumptions that drive actions to implement Common Core, professional learning will be transformed to model what teaching and learning will look like in classrooms.”

The following ADE program areas are represented on the AZCCRS Professional Development Team: