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Move On When Reading icon - child sitting on top of a stack of books reading a bookIn support of the Move On When Reading (MOWR) legislation (ARS 15-701), the ADE offers a five-day training for K-3 teachers called Teaching Reading Effectively (TRE). The content of TRE includes current research and evidence based practices that are necessary to develop a student’s oral language, decoding and encoding skills, academic vocabulary and reading comprehension. One of the important components of your MOWR Literacy
Plan is to have a systematic reading program. The TRE is designed to empower your teachers to develop proficient readers, competent writers, and critical thinkers. The TRE was created for K-3 general education teachers, K-5 special education teachers, literacy coaches, and leaders to improve classroom instruction and school wide literacy programs.Registration for the five-day training is $80.00 and includes two supporting texts.We are currently offering several training cohorts. For the schedule of trainings in the Tucson area, please click here.

January-April Cohort (Register here)

  • Dates:
    • January 26
    • February 16
    • March 8, 29

o   April 19

February-April Cohort (Register here)

  • Dates:
    • February 24-26, 2016
    • March 31, 2016

o   April 1, 2016

This training is a great way to use your Move On When Reading funding to help your school strengthen its early literacy instruction.
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