ADE I.T. – Supporting Arizona’s Education Transformation

The ADE Information Technology Division is committed to supporting Arizona’s Education Transformation. Under the leadership of CIO Mark Masterson, ADE IT is developing the technology for the Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System. This full-service “I.T. shop” also provides ADE’s program areas with specialized application development, data management tools and comprehensive desktop support. The ADE Support Team serves as the Arizona education community’s point of contact for external application support, such as ADEConnect and AZDash. Finally, ADE IT is the implementation arm for such important agency initiatives as the Statewide SIS and Data Governance.
IT Teams
Information Technology Teams

The purpose of the ADE IT Department is to provide data management, data processing, data reporting, software development and maintenance services/solutions, serving various stakeholders within the education community. We produce and maintain over 90 software products utilizing best practices in the industry, while complying with state and federal regulatory mandates.

Data Management & Reporting: produce authoritative information to data stakeholders (providers and consumers; internal and external) and functions as the extension for the Data Governance Board in the execution of its guidelines, decisions and adoption of an enterprise view of all agency’s data assets.

Data Warehouse: ADE Data Warehouse Team enables the Department of Education’s internal analysts to perform data analysis and create reports.

Software Development: design, create, maintain and deliver software products that meet our stakeholders requirements.

Identity Management & Information Security: provides tools and processes to maintain users and secure ADE applications and data.

Production Support

The Network Services team ensures our servers and applications are available and functioning.

ADE Support Center answers thousands of calls and emails and provides technical support for more than five dozen ADE applications.

Desktop Support is responsible for installing, maintaining and supporting all the internal ADE employee hardware. This includes printers, laptops, desktop computers, etc.

Security/Telecom watches over ongoing activities, ADE devices and the network to protect the confidentiality and integrity of student and other business data.

The Operations Center monitors data uploads, SAIS processing and performs many other IT functions required to keep ADE applications up and running.

Projects and Programs

The Projects and Programs office is a department of the ADE Information Technologies Division. P&P manages and oversees IT software development, infrastructure, and data projects and assists the agency manage business programs.

The Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System is Arizona’s comprehensive technology initiative to provide all levels of the educational community with the tools and data necessary to support education transformation, academic growth and accountability, while dramatically reducing costs.

Data Governance
   Office of Data Governance
Mission: The policies, processes and standards that govern the quality, collection, management, and protection of ADE’s data.
   Data Governance Commission
The DGC is a statewide body tasked with establishing guidelines relating to AELAS technology and its application.
E-Rate Program
The Schools and Libraries Program, also known as the E-rate program, makes telecommunications and information services more affordable for schools and libraries in America. Funded by the Universal Service Fund (USF), E-rate provides discounted telecommunications, Internet access and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries.