Native American Language Teacher Certificate (NALTC)

The Native American Language Certification (NALTC)  Policy R7-2-614J was unanimously adopted by the State Board of Education on August 27, 2012 and has gone into immediate effect at the Arizona Department of Education.

The new policy allows for individuals with Native American language proficiency, whose proficiency is verified by their own tribal assessments, to apply for a Native Language Teacher Certificate at the Arizona Department of Education. Other requirements would include a finger print clearance card, an application fee and be subject to renewal requirements consistent with other teacher certificates under section R7-2-614. The policy is in effect and is anticipated as a new avenue for elders and other non-degreed language experts to teach only native language(s) to students in Arizona schools.

In 2009 the Native American Language approved area was also passed for those  meeting all other requirements for a regular teaching certificate.