NSLP/SBP 2006-2007 Memos

Memo # Date Subject Description Format
CN 01-07 07/10/06 Announcement of New Directors PDF
CN 02-07 07/10/06 Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application Package Translations PDF
CN 03-07 07/10/06 Mandatory Direct Certification PDF
CN 04-07 07/26/06 Arizona Nutrition Standards (ANS) Clarification Regarding A La Carte Entrées PDF
CN 05-07 07/26/06 USDA – Approved Software Requirements Regarding Vitamin A PDF
CN 06-07 07/26/06 USDA – Notification of the Superintendent Challenge – Grant Opportunity PDF
CN 07-07 08/09/06 Verification Sample Size PDF
CN 08-07 08/15/06 Welcome Back SY 06-07 PDF
CN 09-07 08/15/06 Monitoring Implementation of HACCP – Based Food Safety Program PDF
CN 10-07 08/01/06 USDA – Approved Nutrient Analysis Software Update PDF
CN 11-07 08/16/06 Buy American Reminder PDF
CN N/A 09/21/06 CNP Web Common Logon Access PDF
CN 12-07 10/02/06 Arizona Nutrition Standards – Frequently Asked Questions PDF
CN 13-07 10/02/06 Clarification of Direct Verification PDF
CN 14-07 10/02/06 Recent changes to the list of “Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value” (FMNV) PDF
CN 15-07 09/22/06 Notification of Bernardi Italian Foods-Cheese Roll-Ups PDF
CN 16-07 10/02/06 Family Supplemental Subsistence Allowance Permanently Excluded From Income Consideration for Child Nutrition Programs PDF
CN 17-07 10/02/06 Release of Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility information for National Assessment of Educational Progress PDF
CN 18-07 10/02/06 Clarification on the Substitution of NSLP meal patterns and use of Offer vs. Serve for CACFP meals PDF
CN 19-07 10/13/06 Notification of Updated Guidance Manuals Posted Online PDF
CN 20-07 10/20/06 Notification that Profera Inc., Pepperoni Cheese Pizza with Whole Grain is in Violation of the Child Nutrition Labeling Program PDF
CN 21-07 10/31/06 Modification to the list of USDA-approved Nutrient Analysis Software PDF
CN 22-07 11/01/06 Appointment of Finance Director PDF
CN 23-07 11/08/06 HealthierUS School Challenge Application Revised Format PDF
CN 24-07 08/28/06 Food Service AFR & Mandatory Training Requirement PDF
CN 25-07 01/10/07 New Foods No Longer Considered Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value PDF
CN 26-07 02/06/07 Notification that RCG Foods of Texas, Inc. produced a cheese quesdadilla in violation of the Child Nutrition (CN) Labeling Program PDF
CN 27-07 02/12/07 The Use of Vending Machines to Dispense Reimbursable Meals PDF
CN 28-07 02/20/07 Scanned Income Applications PDF
CN 29-07 02/23/07 Farm-to-School Federal Procurement Regulations PDF
CN 30-07 02/23/07 Fluid Milk and Other Food Components/Menu Items in Reimbursable Lunches PDF
CN 31-07 04/27/07 Changes in the Nutrition Services Incentive P target=”_blank”rogram PDF
CN 32-07 04/23/07 Post Implementation Survey of the Arizona Nutrition Standards PDF
CN 32-07 04/23/07 Post Implementation Survey for the Arizona Nutrition Standards – Grades K-8 PDF
CN 33-07 04/23/07 Clarification Regarding ‘Federal Publishing’ Materials Not a USDA Publication PDF
CN 34-07 05/03/07 NSLP 2007-2008 School Year Rollover PDF
CN 35-07 05/23/07 Voluntary Arizona Nutrition Standards for High Schools PDF
CN 36-07 05/23/07 Team Nutrition Resource Materials PDF
CN 37-07 05/25/07 Eleventh Release of the Child Nutrition (CN) Database PDF
CN 38-07 05/25/07 Reminder of Availability of Translated Free and Reduced Price Applications PDF
CN 39-07 06/14/07 Internet and/or Electronic Communication in the Child Nutrition Programs (CNPs) PDF
CN 39-07 06/14/07 Attachment PDF