NSLP/SBP 2005-2006 Memos

Memo # Subject Description
CN 01-06 Arizona Nutrition Std Direction for Comment
CN 02-06 Procurement Procedure Guidelines
CN 03-06 HACCP and Food Safety Questions and Answers
CN 04-06 Welcome Back SY 05-06
CN 05-06 Common Logons for FSMC
CN 06-06 Fruit and Vegetable Requirement
CN 07-06 Production Recordd Requirement
CN 08-06 SAIS 2 Code Reporting
CN 09-06 Verification Reporting Guidance SY 05-06
CN 10-06 Healthier US Schools — Take Challenge
CN 11-06 Hurricane Katrina
CN 12-06 School Year 2005 Food Services AFR
CN 14-06 General Follow-up Provisions – Reauthorization 2004
CN 15-06 30 day carry over clarification
CN 16-06 Direct Verification
CN 17-06 Confirmation Review
AZ 49-06 Non-Associated Sites Policy for FY 06-07
CN 18-06 FREE On-site and Phone-based Trainings
CN 19-06 Local Wellness Policy Requirements for Each LEA Superintendent
CN 20-06 Case Number Applications
CN 22-06 Policy on Changing Sponsor or Site Status during School Year
CN 23-06 New Foods No Longer Considered FMNVs
CN 24-06 Audit Evaluations
CN 25-06 Clarification of Audit Evaluation
CN 26-06 Nutrient Standard Menu Planning Project Awardees
CN 26-06 Nutrient Standard Menu Planning Project Participant Agreement
CN 27-06 Common Logon Policy Letter
CN 28-06 CNP Verification Manual Correction
CN 29-06 Final Release of the Arizona Standards
CN 30-06 Release of the SMI Frequently Asked Questions Resource
CN 30-06 SMI Frequently Asked Questions
CN 31-06 Implementing the Revised School Meal Recipes
CN 32-06 Health and Nutrition YRBS Handout
CN 33-06 Participate in the ASCS
CN 34-06 USDA Recipes for Schools
CN 35-06 Arizona Nutrition Standards Clarification
CN 36-06 Special Diet Manual
CN 37-06 Professional Development Survey
CN 38-06 Special Assistance Policy Update
CN 39-06 Communication Concerning Verification Activities
CN 40-06 NSLP 2006-2007 Rollover
CN 41-06 2006-2007 Rollover for Special Assistance Questions
CN 42-06 Final Notice Implementation of a School Food Safety Program HACCP
CN 43-06 Special Diet Manual PD Survey Revised Memo
CN 44-06 Procurement Record-Keeping Requirements
CN 45-06 Commercial Software
CN 46-06 Procurement Questions Relevant to the Buy American Provision
CN 47-06 Clarification for ANS – Hot Chocolate
CN 48-06 School Districts and Federal Procurement Regulations
CN 49-06 Arizona Nutrition Standards Calculator and Sugar by Weight Calculator