SFSP – General Information

What is the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP):

It is a federally funded child nutrition program which was established to ensure that low-income children, ages 18 and younger, continue to have an opportunity to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.  FREE meals, that meet federal nutrition guidelines, are provided to all children at approved SFSP sites in the areas with significant concentrations of low-income children.

2017 SFSP Announcement Memo:  HNS 01-2017

For information on how to apply for the SFSP go to:  How to Apply for SFSP

For information on the Webinar Series provided by USDA go to:

Summer Meals Webinar Series information coming soon!

Who administers the Summer Food Service Program:

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Nutrition Program funds the grant and provides direction, oversight and support to State Agencies
  • In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE), Health and Nutrition Services division, directly administers the program

What is an SFSP sponsor:

Sponsors are organizations that are approved by ADE to operate one or more SFSP sites throughout Arizona, and are responsible for complying with all Federal and State regulations relating to SFSP.  New and returning sponsors apply annually.

Who can be an SFSP sponsor:

  • Public or private non-profit school food authorities
  • Public or private non-profit residential camp
  • A local, county, municipal state or federal government agency
  • Private non-profit organizations that provide year around services to the community: i.e. Churches, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs/YWCAs, Food Banks
  • Public or private non-profit college/university participating in the National Youth Sports Program
  • Upward Bound Programs

What are the responsibilities of being a Sponsor:

Sponsors must:

  • Be Financially Viable – Have enough sound financial infrastructure and internal controls
  • Be Administratively Capable – Have enough qualified staff to operate all aspects of the program
  • Not Be Seriously Deficient – All previous program findings have been permanently corrected
  • Serve Low-Income Children – Operate the program in areas identified as impoverished
  • Conduct a Nonprofit Food Service – Reimbursement must be used solely for operating the food service
  • Provide Year-Round Service – Provide opportunities to the community in eligible areas that can be enhanced by adding meals
  • Train Staff – Ensure that all staff are proficient on applicable program rules and regulations
  • Monitor Sites – Staff will frequently review sites to ensure compliance

When are FREE meals available at approved sites:

Approved sites are eligible to begin meal service the first day after the school year ends and can continue up to the last day of summer vacation.  Beginning in mid-May of each year, all SFSP sites provide FREE meals to children during approved meal service times and dates.  Many sites may also offer adult meals at a discounted price.

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