Fiscal Monitoring: Exceptional Student Services

3rd Quarter FY2015 Schedule: Coming soon!!

You have been selected for an ESS Federal Fiscal Monitoring ~ Now What?

  1. ADE will contact the school and request expenditure detail reports – Day one – ADE will allow for one week to provide the expenditure reports, however, the more quickly these are sent to us, the faster the process will go
  2. ADE will conduct the risk analysis (if no risk is indicated, a preliminary letter will be sent)
    If more information is required ADE will contact the school and provide details– a selection will be made and will also include requested policies and procedures. (approximately day 10-12)
  3. Source documentation will need to be sent to ADE for analysis (the school will be provided 14 day, however, the faster the information is provided and the more complete the documentation the faster the analysis will be completed)
  4. Close out notes will be provided or an on-site visit will be scheduled**

**approximately 10% of the schools monitored; will be chosen for a random onsite review

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Fiscal Monitoring Required Documentation

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