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New Payment Request Process Roll Out Date – 1/2/2013

UPDATED 11/26/2012

(NEW) The roll out date for the new Payment Request process is set for January 2, 2013.

Please refer to the August 28, 2012 Grants Management webinar that is available online for the detailed information regarding this process.

 Until that time, please continue to send in requests for inital payments.  Cash Management reports will also need to be completed and submitted by the 18th of December.

Communication Sent 11/26/2012:

Dear Grantee,

 We have been speaking with you through various means for the past 6 months detailing planned changes to our Grants Management Enterprise System.  Our plan was to roll-out one of the most important components of those changes – the payment request process – on December 3, 2012. 

Unfortunately, we have discovered a number of issues within the system that are not going to make that target date feasible. Specifically, we have more work to do to resolve an issue within the system that would have displayed a grantee’s payments-to-date incorrectly.  As you can understand, we have no desire to implement such an important change and only lead to more confusion and work for our grantees.

 Accordingly we have set  a new roll-out date of January 2, 2013 for the new payment request system.  This new date will allow us further time to resolve these issues and provide a fully functional payment system that allows you to track grant disbursements accurately at any given time.

 We still plan the same scope of changes and look forward to being able to process payments on a daily basis, rather than confining grantees to a window of time to submit their cash requests. 

 If you have any questions regarding these changes or the new roll-out date, please do not hesitate to contact us.


 ADE Grants Management Team

ADE Grants Management System Updates and Changes Webinar

ADE Grant Management System Update and Changes Webinar is now available online!