SF Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Lyle Friesen Director 602-542-5695 lyle.friesen@azed.gov
Barbara Axe Office Manager 602-542-8248 barbara.axe@azed.gov
Finance Team
Xin Liu Fin. Ops Manager 602-364-2262 xin.liu@azed.gov
Darrel Hugli Financial Analyst 602-542-3303 darrel.hugli@azed.gov
Vacant Financial Analyst 602-542-8249


Karla Dunn Financial Analyst 602-542-8246 karla.dunn@azed.gov
Vacant Financial Analyst 602-542-8253 SFPaymentTeam@azed.gov
Chelsea Jemison Financial Analyst 602-542-8244 chelsea.jemison@azed.gov
Operation Support Team
Wendi Trudell Operations Manager 602-542-3082 wendi.trudell@azed.gov
Jesse Manzo LEA Analyst* 602-542-8797 jesse.manzo@azed.gov
Jim Heck LEA Analyst* 602-542-7885 james.heck@azed.gov
Vacant LEA Analyst



Monica Paz LEA Analyst*  602-542-8243


Susan Gentry Senior Bus. Analyst  602-542-1955  susan.gentry@azed.gov
General Contact Information      
General Inbox   602-542-5695 SchoolFinance@azed.gov
Budget Team     SFBudgetTeam@azed.gov
Payment Team     SFPaymentTeam@azed.gov
Operation Team     SFOperationsSupport@azed.gov
* LEAs are assigned a specific LEA Account Analyst. To verify assignments go to https://www.azed.gov/Administrators/SF/Lists/LEAAccountAnalysts/AllItems.aspx