FY2016 Certificates of Educational Convenience (CEC) Forms and Memos

The FY2016 Certificate of Educational Convenience (CEC) forms and memos have been posted. You can find them here:

FY2016 CEC Forms and Memos

FY2016 APOR 55-2 Growth Reports

The FY2016 APOR 55-2 Growth Reports based on 100th day counts have been calculated and made available in anticipation of budget revisions. Please note the updated APOR 55-1 has not been posted, so there might be a discrepancy between the two. You can find your Growth Report here: http://www.ade.az.gov/Districts/EntitySelection.asp



FY2016 Small School Transportation Awards

The FY2016 Small School Transportation Awards have been added to the State Board of Education’s April meeting for approval. If approved, the following list of awards will be included in the May Apportionment.

FY2016 Small School Transportation Awards

FY2016 JTED Soft Capital

Pursuant to Laws 2015, Chapter 8, Section 34:

The department of education shall distribute the appropriated amount to joint technical education districts with fewer than two thousand average daily membership pupils for soft capital and equipment expenses.  The appropriated amount shall be allocated on a pro rata basis based on the average daily membership of eligible joint technical education districts.

FY16 Soft Capital for JTED Distributions

FY16 Preliminary Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

FY2016 Preliminary Charter Additional Assistance reduction has been calculated based on the estimated counts submitted successfully by 7/15/2015 by 4:30pm.

This reduction will be recalculated once all the LEAs reach the 100th day. The final calculation will be based on the 100th day ADM.

FY16 Preliminary Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

Preliminary FY2016 District Additional Assistance Reductions

The preliminary FY2016 DAA reductions have been calculated and can be found below:

Preliminary FY16 District Additional Assistance Reduction

FY2015 CEC

FY2015 CEC payments have been distributed. Here are the payment details.

FY 2015 CEC Payments

FY2015 May 100th day APOR 55-2 reports are available

The May APOR 55-2 reports have been published and are available since many districts are working on May budget revisions. Please see your district’s report here.

FY 2015 Small School Transportation Adjustments

This is the list of the FY2015 Small School Transportation Adjustments that were approved at the March 23, 2015 State Board of Education meeting. These adjustments will be included in the May 1, 2015 APOR.

FY 2015 Small School Transportation Adjustment

FY2014-2015 Student Success Funding SSF

The Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Student Success Funding (SSF) calculations have been made. Below is a list by school, with subtotals by LEA. Please email any questions regarding this worksheet or calculations to SchoolFinance@azed.gov.   Questions will be responded to in the order they are received. 

Be sure to submit SSF questions as soon as possible, as SSF payments will be distributed in Mid-November.  A separate e-mail will be sent to each school district and charter school receiving SSF.  If this is not received by October 17th, please e-mail the School Finance Inbox using the address above.

Student Success Funding is exempt from the Revenue Control Limit.  Each school district and charter schools is required to establish a local level Student Success Fund (Program for charter schools) for the accounting of revenues and expenditures.  A report of expenditures will be due by October 15, 2015  (A template will be provided.).