Do I need to withdraw my child from public or charter school to accept an ESA award?

Yes, the ESA awards are made available to replace monies given to the schools not to supplement them. By signing the yearly contract and accepting an award you agree to withdraw your child from the public school system and place them in a private, tutor based or private-online setting.

Do I need to keep my child’s IEP or MET current to stay on the ESA program?

The IEP process takes months of observation and evaluation by teachers, administrative personnel, support staff and medical professions. If you have accepted an ESA award the local school district is no longer required to observe or evaluate your child to create a full IEP.

However, in order to stay current on the ESA program parents are required to maintain a current MET. Or submit a MET Reevaluation Waiver signed by the parent and SPED director of your last attended public school.



Where Can I obtain a Pupil Withdrawal Form?

Before any ESA disbursement can be sent to an approved student, an official “Pupil Withdrawal Form” must be sent to the Arizona Department of Education.

What happens if my child’s IEP expires during the application process?

A submitted IEP or MET may not expire before July 15 of the application year. The ESA program requires a current MET to be maintained before issuing a renewal contact the following year.

What Does an ESA Contract Look Like?

An ESA contract is a one year agreement made between the Arizona Department of Education and the applicant parent of the ESA child. Please see the New ESA Contract  for more information.

How can I determine if my Child’s STO scholarship is a qualifying scholarship?

To determine if your child’s STO scholarship is a qualifying scholarship under A.R.S § 43-1505 , ESA Staff will contact the Department of Revenue (DOR) for verification. Before submitting an ESA application please visit the DOR website to determine if your child’s STO scholarship is a qualifying scholarship.