Title II-D / Enhancing Education Through Technology Program (EETT)

Title II-D/Enhancing Education Through Technology Programs (EETT) funding has ended.

The primary goal of this program, also known as Title II-D, is to improve student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. Additional goals include helping all students become technologically literate by the end of the eighth grade and, through the integration of technology with both teacher training and curriculum development, establishing research-based instructional methods that can be widely implemented.

Title IID, Enhancing Education through Technology was eliminated in the FY12 Federal budget.  There will be no additional funding this year.  Once you have submitted your completion report, you may have carry over funding.  A new application will be opened for you using the same categories with the carry over funds. 

New“Rolled-Over” 2012 Enhancing Ed thru Technology Grant Funds – Updated information on 2012 EETT projects using rolled over funding.  Please read.  Deadline for submitting amendments is March 30, 2012.   This grant has ended.