Read On Arizona is a partnership of organizations committed to ensuring our children have the language and literacy skills they need to be reading at grade level by third grade. 

In support of these efforts, through a collaborative partnership with myON – a leading provider of digital literacy, setting the trend for personalized reading – all Arizona children ages three and up will have free and unlimited access to thousands of digital books from April through September 2014.  

The books in myON are available to Arizona children and families at home, at school and in community centers. In fact, access is available anywhere, anytime students can access an Internet connection or a device such as an iPad or a Kindle. Offline reading is also supported through free downloadable apps available at iTunes, Google Play or the Kindle Store.

Sign up today and start making a reader this summer, it only takes a few simple steps to access myON books:

  1.  Go online to www.ReadOnArizona.org/myON
  2.  Click on myon.com then select the “Log In Now”button and enter the following information: 
    1. School Name:Read On Arizona, Digital Library (Begin entering the first few letters and then select from the drop-down menu)
    2. User name: read
    3. Password: read
  3.  Click on Sign In, select a book and start reading!

 For More Information please click here and here