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August 22nd, 2017

Arizona Students View the Eclipse

All photographs were previously published on social media by the respective school or district. The indicated school or district maintains all photo releases.

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August 11th, 2017

Back to School Around Arizona

kids going back to school

All photographs were previously published on social media by the respective school or district. The indicated school or district maintains all photo releases.

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July 27th, 2017

Teen Challenge of Arizona: Back to School Bash

Photo of Reverend Snow Peanbody, Superintendent Diane Douglas, and Pastor Jeff of Teen Challenge Arizona with a student holding his new backpack full of supplies.

The campus of Grand Avenue Teen Challenge of Arizona buzzed with milling families, playing children, and happy canines during the 8th Annual Back to School Bash on July 15, 2017. The free family event hosted a cookout, live band, and hip hop dance group. But the star attraction was the backpack full of free school supplies handed out to every child in attendance.

girl with backpack
Teen Challenge Arizona gave out dozens of backpacks full of school supplies at its 8th Annual Back to School Bash.

Hundreds of residents from around the Grand Avenue (Phoenix) location turned out to take advantage of the social event. The cookout consisted of hamburgers and hot dogs generously grilled by the Phoenix Fire Department. We suppose if anyone is accustomed to standing over intense heat on a July afternoon, it would be our hardworking firefighters who smiled and laughed like it wasn’t a million degrees outside! Also included were bags of snack chips, sliced watermelon, and ice cold water happily served by Teen Challenge Arizona volunteers beneath shade canopies covering more than half of the campus’s open area.

girl eating watermelon
Watermelon and water helped with the heat.

Reverend Snow Peabody, the Teen Challenge of Arizona’s Executive State Director, and Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas helped Teen Challenge staff and volunteers greet the families and hand out backpacks. Superintendent Douglas thanked the attendees for their dedication to their children’s education and future success, before letting them get back to the day’s entertainment and meal. However, Arizona’s monsoon season is fickle and soon dark skies rearranged the day’s schedule. Families and volunteers alike enjoyed visiting and eating while they sheltered from the weather. Despite both the heat and the rain, Teen Challenge volunteers made sure every child in attendance received their much-needed school supplies.

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July 26th, 2017

5 Tips for School Bus Safety

Image: Yellow background with a school bus, and a child board the bus. Caption reads: 5 Tips for School Bus Safety from Arizona Department of Education

It’s that time again: back to school. For many students, that also means it’s back to riding the school bus. With the help of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we have compiled some school bus safety tips or students and adults, alike.

5 Rules for Riding the School Bus

  1. Stop and Wait—Get to the bus stop five minutes ahead of time and wait at least three giant steps back from the curb. Do not run and play around the bus stop.
  2. Make Eye Contact with the Bus Driver—School buses are big and visibility can be limited, so make sure the driver sees you before you cross in front of the bus to board it. And never walk behind the bus.
  3. Drop? Stop, Don’t Roll—If you drop something getting on or off the bus, stop and tell the bus driver not to roll before going after the item.
  4. Sit Down and Stay Seated—When you get on the bus, go directly to your seat, sit, and stay seated until it is time to get off. No bus surfing!
  5. Don’t Jump Off the Bus—Do not get on or off the bus until the driver says it is safe to do so. Also, be careful to look both ways and all around for cars before walking away from the bus or crossing the street. Cars are required by law to stop for school bus pickups/drop-offs, but it always pays to double-check.


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