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ADE is committed to supporting every school and every educator with the resources they need to help students reach their goals. A key component of the AELAS initiative is a robust student information system (SIS). ADE is pleased to be able to offer Edupoint’s Synergy® SIS to all local education agencies (LEAs – districts and charter authorities) with a pricing structure that makes it accessible to LEAs of all sizes and locations.

Synergy® Student Information System — Included Feature Highlights

All LEAs opting for the state-sponsored SIS receive the following services as part of the flat per-student rate (see Pricing Structure tab):

  • Licensed use of Synergy SIS—The cost structure is transparent and affordable.
  • Support—ADE will provide direct support to all LEAs and users.
  • Comprehensive Hosting—All software and data are hosted in a secure environment. LEAs will not need to maintain a server infrastructure. All services are Web-accessible.

The following features and modules are included in the state-sponsored Synergy SIS package. This list is not comprehensive, but should provide an idea of what is available.

Included Feature Highlights
Module Feature Highlights
School Office Administration • Attendance
• Discipline
• Health, Immunizations
• Meal Applications
• ELL Data
• Enrollments & Withdrawals
• Report Cards & Transcripts
• Multilanguage Parent Portals
• Summer School & Afterschool Programs
• Athletic Eligibility
TeacherVUE Gradebook • Traditional Format
• Standards-Based Format
• Student Grade History
• Scoring and Weighting Options
• Customizable Performance Bands
• Report Cards
• ParentVUE and StudentVUE Integration
ParentVUE Web Portal • LEA-Customized View
• One login to see all children
• Attendance and Discipline records
• Real-time Grade and Assessment Tracking
• Assignment Tracking
• Teacher Communication
• Information Updating
StudentVUE Web Portal Similar to ParentVUE plus
• Assignment Digital Dropbox
• Work in Progress Locker
Scheduling • Manage Course Requests
• Schedule Staff
• Track Qualifications
• Room Resources
• Mass Scheduling
• Automatic or Manual Scheduling
• Master Schedule Builder
• Walk-in Scheduler for Mid-Year Changes
• ClassBoard Drag-and-Drop
• Teams, Blocks, Rotations, Planning Periods
Querying and Reporting • Easy to Build Queries
• Output to 8 File Types
• Microsoft SQL Server-Based
• SQL Querying Within Application
• Customizable Formats
• Filtering
• Customized Reporting
AZ State Reporting • AzEDS Integration
• Full Compliance
• Always Up-to-Date
Statewide SIS Pricing Structure

Customers New to Synergy

LEAs adopting the state-sponsored Synergy SIS for the first time will pay slightly more for the first year to help with implementation costs, but in the second and subsequent years will pay a lower per-student-fee annually for SIS license fees, support, and hosting.

Customers Currently Using Synergy SIS

Those LEAs with current Synergy SIS contracts can opt to transition to a state contract. LEAs moving from a private contract with Edupoint to the state contract will not pay extra SIS implementation costs.*

*A separate one-time implementation fee of $600 will be assessed for each additional third-party application or product that needs to be integrated into the new SIS installation.

FY16–FY17 Pricing Structure

Scenario FY16 New Contract Cost FY16 Renewal Cost FY17 Renewal Cost
New Customer $12.50/student n/a $7.50/student
Current Customer n/a $6.50/student $7.50/student
3rd-Party Module/Application Connection (e.g. Transportation, Food Service, etc.) $600/application – one-time cost#

#Full data integration of third-party applications/modules may require additional fees.

Optional Modules Not Included in SIS Core Package

The following features and modules are offered as optional additions to the core state-sponsored Synergy SIS license.

Optional Module Feature Highlights
Synergy® Online Registration • Parents register children online
• Family registration links children
• Staff can view waitlists
• Dynamic forms with field verification
• Enrollment record routing
LessonVUE • Fully integrated with TeacherVUE
• Curriculum Repository
• Customizable Curriculum Maps
• Data-Driven Curriculum Analysis
• Collaboration Tools
Synergy® Assessment • Fully integrated with TeacherVUE and LessonVUE
• Assessment Creation Tools
• Standards-aligned Format
• Assessment Dashboard
Synergy® Special Education •Integration with TeacherVUE and ParentVUE
• Customizable Workflows
• Document Creation and Management
• IEP Streamlining
• Compliance Tracking
• Collaboration
• Reporting
• Behavior and Incident Tracking
• Medicaid Management Tools
SchoolPay® • Centralized Payment System
• Integrated with Synergy® SIS
• Customizable Reports
• Custom Payment Pages
• Advanced Querying
Adoption and Implementation of Synergy® SIS

The adoption and implementation process includes the following services:

  • Training — Product training opportunities available for opt-in LEAs on how to use Synergy.
  • Hosting — Synergy SIS and all data will be securely hosted, relieving LEAs of the need to maintain a SIS server infrastructure or make software updates.
  • Data Conversion — Migration may be available in some circumstances.