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Availability by Vendor SIS
ADE is working with each of the major vendors of student information systems (SIS) in Arizona. The chart below shows the progress each vendor has made in integrating ADEConnect with its SIS. Once your vendor and SIS version are “green”, your LEA is eligible to begin using ADEConnect.

Vendor System Readiness

  • EduPoint/Synergy (Version +)
  • Infinite Campus (ADEConnect Add-on)
  • Pearson/PowerSchool (Version
  • Tyler/Schoolmaster (Version 1.8.7c)
  • Tyler/Infinite Visions HR
  • Hanes**
  In Progress  

Connect to ADEConnect

  1. Contact ADE Solutions Support and ask to speak to the AELAS Outreach Team
  2. Participate in Kickoff Meeting
  3. Schedule ADEConnect installation
  4. Connect and rejoice

ADEConnect is installed at the LEA level

Note: If your school/organization uses a vendor or system not listed here and you are interested in integrating ADEConnect, please contact the AELAS Outreach Team by calling the ADE Solutions Support number above or emailing.