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The IT team strives to bring you reliable and integrated technology services and is committed to taking proactive steps when service issues arise.  We have discovered that one of the servers controlling our Common Logon portal is not working properly and needs to be taken offline, making it unavailable for the time being.  This should not have any effect on browsing our Common Logon portal and any sites accessed through the Common Logon website.  Common Logon runs on more than one server by design in case of issues like this.  We have temporarily disabled the duplicate server while the information from the main server is duplicated to backup.  This may take up to 24 hours but may be sooner.  We will update you when the process has completed and service has been fully restored.
If you do experience any issues when logging into the Common Logon or any associated websites through the Common Logon portal please follow perform the following to your browser.
1.        Click on the Tools menu, if you do not see this hold the alt key on your keyboard and then select it from the top menus.
2.       Choose the last option Internet Options.
3.       On the General tab, the default tab when you open Internet Options select the delete button.
4.       Check the box next to Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.
5.       Click the Delete button at the bottom.
6.       Close the Internet Options and then close the Internet Explorer web browser.
7.       Re-open and then attempt to login again and access the desired website.
Keeping the tools you need to serve our customers up and running is ADE IT’s highest priority.  We will update you as soon as the web server returns to full capacity.  Thank you for your understanding as we work to bring you reliable computer service







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