Title IV-A Carryover Requirements

Published: May 22nd, 2019

While there is no percentage “cap” on Title IV-A carryover, there is the 20-20 Portion Rule that must be monitored from year to year. It will be important for LEA’s to submit their Title IV-A Completion Report in a timely manner to help address these requirements.

In response to guidelines recently released from the US Department of Education, the following Memo titled “Title IV-A Carryover Requirements” is being released:

Title IV-A Carryover and the 20-20 Portion Rule

For LEAs who receive an allocation of $30,000.00 or more, it is expected that the LEA will meet the 20-20 Special Rule within the fiscal year the funds were awarded. The 20-20 Special Rule indicates that:

…the LEA must use:

  • At least 20 percent of funds for activities to support well-rounded educational opportunities (ESEA section 4107);
  • At least 20 percent of funds for activities to support safe and healthy students (ESEA section 4108); and
  • A portion of funds for activities to support effective use of technology (ESEA section 4109)

US Ed is interpreting the term “use” as “expend”. LEAs must be able to demonstrate how they expended their Title IV-A allocation in a way that meets the 20-20 Rule.

For those LEAs that do not meet this rule, the percent difference will need to be expended in the next year’s application through carryover.

EX: LEA receives a $30,000.00 FY19 Title IV-A allocation, and their grant is approved as meeting the 20-20 Rule. During the completion report process, the LEA reports having only spent 15% of the planned 20% of their allocation on Well-Rounded Education activities and is wanting to carryover the 5% remainder to FY19. In doing so, this 5% of carry over MUST be spent within the Well-Rounded Education category to meet the funding requirements of the previous year.

The FY20 application would need to have “at least the minimum 20% toward Well-Rounded Education” PLUS the additional 5% of carryover budgeted toward the Well-Rounded Education category.

Carryover and Equitable Services Calculation

Private School Equitable Services calculations are determined separately from any previous years’ carryover.

EX: FY20 Private School Equitable Services will be calculated based on the FY20 allocation, independent from any carryover funds.