School Safety Program Positions

Thanks to increased funding to our School Safety Program, our schools will start hiring by the end of 2020 for school counselors, social workers, and school resource officers (SROs). Nearly 900 schools applied for over 1,100 positions. The total applications broke down as:

  • 40%- school counselors
  • 34% – school social workers
  • 26% – school resource officers.

To fill these positions, we need to build our pipeline of school wellness and safety educators. Here’s the good news: you could already be eligible to become a certified school counselor or social worker! For additional questions about certification, please contact at [email protected] or call 602-542-4367.

School Counselors

Arizona recently updated requirements to become a certified school counselor making it easier to become a certified school counselor! If one of the following descriptions apply to you, then apply for your school counselor certification.

School Social Workers

Arizona schools are a great place to be a Social Worker! If you have a Master’s or advanced degree in Social Work and fall under one of these categories, then apply for your school social worker certification.

School Resource Officers and Juvenile Probation Officers

While the Arizona Department of Education does not certify School Resource Officers (SROs) or Juvenile Probation Officers (JPOs), collectively known as “School Safety Officers,” they are one of three types of positions that schools can request as part of the School Safety Program funding. All schools that receive School Safety Program funding are required to complete annual training offered through the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) which includes training for SROs and JPOs. Learn more about those trainings here.