School Finance Fridays

The next School Finance Friday will be January 10th, at 9:00 a.m. The webinar will stream on Youtube:

Webinar Topic: AzEDS Submission To AzEDS Reports – Part 3

Description: This beginner level session is designed for new Data Coordinators at an LEA or for staff that would like a review of the AzEDS data process. In the third of this series, we will review the next phase of the AzEDS reports: DRP10, ABSATT10, MEM10, CAL10, and CAL15. We will provide a brief status update on School Finance matters at the start of the webinar and end each webinar with a Q&A session. We welcome questions related to the webinar topic or any School Finance issues. You can view the first and second videos from this series on the Training Videos page.

This webinar series started with the basics on student data and will progress into reconciliation and limiting. The series will answer your AzEDS questions such as: What is the data process? What is ADM? What goes into my LEA’s payment? Where do I find reports in AzEDS? What does “reconcile your ADM” even mean? I need help on my Integrity errors; who do I ask for guidance? What is limiting and how does it affect our payment?

Prerequisite: Attendees must have access within ADEConnect to view Basic and ADM Reports. If you do not have access to AzEDS reports, please contact your Entity Administrator within your school to grant you access. You will need access to:

  • AzEDS Data Coordinator – Base Reports
  • AzEDS Data Coordinator – ADM Reports
  • AzEDS Data Coordinator – ELL Reports (optional)
  • AzEDS Data Coordinator – SPED Reports (optional – consult your Entity Administrator)
  • AzedsCalendarViewer

To locate your Entity Administrator, please click here or call ADE Support at (602) 542-7378.

To add a role in ADE Connect, please see these links for guidance: Entity Admin Training Manual or You must be an Entity Administrator in ADEConnect to add a role. If you need additional assistance with adding a role, please call ADE Support at (602) 542-7378.

Webinar Series Dates

The webinar series will consist of targeted training beginning with the basics and progressing through reports and reconciliation then ending with limiting. The future webinar dates are:

  • Friday, January 10th
  • Friday, February 7th
  • Friday, March 6th
  • Friday, April 3rd
  • Friday, May 1st
  • Friday, June 5th

Thank you for attending!

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