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The following School Finance Friday scheduled for April 3, at 9:00 a.m has been postponed:

The webinar will stream on Youtube:

Future Webinar Topic: Introduction to ADM and Student Counts Reports

Description: A comprehensive guide on AzEDS ADM reports, specifically the ADM15 and ADM20. We will discuss the columns within the ADM15 that should be considered when reconciling student data and payment. We will navigate through the ADM15 report and identify which ADM value is captured for LEA monthly apportionment.

We will identify the ADM value found on the monthly Student Count Report such as the SDADM46-1 and APOR/CHAR55-1 and be able to reconcile to the ADM15.

Prerequisite: Attendees must have access within ADEConnect to view Basic and ADM Reports. If you do not have access to AzEDS reports, please contact your Entity Administrator within your school to grant you access. You will need access to:

  • AzEDS Data Coordinator – Base Reports
  • AzEDS Data Coordinator – ADM Reports

To locate your Entity Administrator, please click here or call ADE Support at (602) 542-7378.

To add a role in ADE Connect, please see these links for guidance: Entity Admin Training Manual or You must be an Entity Administrator in ADEConnect to add a role. If you need additional assistance with adding a role, please call ADE Support at (602) 542-7378.

Webinar Series Dates

The webinar series will consist of targeted training beginning with the basics and progressing through reports and reconciliation then ending with limiting. The future webinar dates are:

  • Friday, March 20th
  • Friday, April 3rd
  • Friday, May 8th
  • Friday, June 5th

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