FY 2021 Expenditure Budget Forms & Website Posting Reminder

Published: May 18th, 2020

The Arizona Auditor General and the Arizona Department of Education School Finance released the Annual Expenditure Budget Package for FY 2021.

The budget forms file is available for download from the Auditor General’s website and the following ADE links.

FY2021 District | Charter | District Deseg

Posting of Meeting Notifications and Budget Files on the LEA’s Website

 ADE’s proposed budget application at www.ade.az.gov/schoolfinance/Forms/Budgets/ProposedBudget/EntitySelection.aspx was discontinued in FY 2019. The site for the application no longer exists and any use of the link will generate a server error notification.

Districtsand Charters’ should have replaced any links to the discontinued proposed budget application on their school’s website with a link to the actual budget file successfully submitted to the ADE. Do not provide a link to the generic entity selection page, instead, follow these instructions for posting the Excel file links:

  1. Navigate to https://www.ade.az.gov/Budget/EntitySelection.asp.
  2. Select the District or Charter name from the drop-down entity menu and Click Go!
  3. Select “Submitted File Status”.
  4. The Submissions made from 05/25/2002 should be the option button selected.
  5. By default, the ‘Date Range’ for the file submissions is ‘All’. If ‘All’ is not the selection, change the range using the drop-down menu.
  6. Select Fiscal Year 2021 from the ‘All Years’ drop-down menu.
  7. By default, the budget submitted file type is ‘All Types’. You may choose the specific file upload using the drop-down type menu. After file selection, click Go!
  8. In the “File Name” column, right click on the applicable uploaded budget Excel file from the list of submitted files (proposed, adopted, revised, or meeting notification and summary).
  9. Choose the Excel file link option available (as determined by the computer browser in use). The Excel file link options most commonly available are Save target as, Copy link, and Copy shortcut.
  10. Paste the selected Excel budget file target, link, or shortcut on the District or Charter website.

Please email any questions to [email protected]