Integrity Rule 21001

Published: May 8th, 2020

Integrity rule -21001 is an Accountability rule that states “All student memberships must have a year-end status code. If a student’s grade is PS-12 including UE and the Year End Status Code is not submitted by May 1st of the current fiscal year, then report the discrepancy as an error.” (See description here:

Some student information systems pre-populate year-end codes and some do not. Your vendor can assist you in understanding whether your Year End Codes are pre-populated or need to be manually entered. Once a Year End Code is submitted for each student, the student data will pass Integrity rule -21001. Each student must have a Year End Code submitted as of May 1, but an LEA can still modify the Year End Code prior to the close of data submissions for the fiscal year should the need arise.

If you need additional assistance with Integrity rule -21001, please contact Accountability at [email protected].