April 2020 BUDG25 Reports Posted

Published: April 1st, 2020

The April 2020 BUDG25 reports have been posted and are available for download and review. To select a specific district, please click here

Update: the FY 2020 Prop123 budget capacity estimated value was updated to equal the amount of the district’s first FY 2020 Prop123 payment times two – since the actual payment two amount is not currently available, but planned for distribution in May 2020. For reference, the first payment of the FY 2020 Prop123 can be found here

For any district that is planning an FY 2020 May budget revision, it is suggested to include the updated FY 2020 Prop123, though not required. The FY 2020 BUDG75 report to be published in late October this year will award any under-budgeted FY 2020 Prop123 budget capacity.

Please email the budget team with any budget-related questions or concerns at [email protected]