First FY2020 BUDG25 Report Posted

Published: September 3rd, 2019

The first FY 2020 BUDG25 Report has been posted.  Please note the following:

Factors Impacting RCL: 

  • RCL is based on the currently posted APOR 55-1 (Payment 2 September 2019)
  • Most District’s ADM for this payment is based on FY 2019 ADM
  • District Budgeted K3 Reading amounts will be added to the RCL until the District is approved for the support level weight by the state board, or 12/15, whichever comes first
  • Fluctuations in RCL from budgeted amounts for Districts paid on FY 2019 ADM for September payment could be due to the FY 2019 statewide recalculation event, as notified in the Hot Topic posted on 8/7 (

Under Budgeted Unrestricted Capital (URC):

During testing, it was noted that several Districts were under budgeted on page 4 compared to the page 8 calculated URC limit.  Please check the bottom of page 2 of the BUDG25 “District Amount” column to identify if this applies to your District.

Budget Balance Carry Forward (BBCF)

Adjust any M&O BBCF budgeted based on the variance from the FY 2019 statewide recalculation event, noted above, as this variance will impact the District’s RCL when the FY 2019 BUDG75 Report is published at the end of October.

Please email [email protected] with any budget-related questions.

Thank you.