Update for Charters First FY2020 Payment Data Deadline

Published: July 10th, 2019

The first payment of fiscal year 2020 for Charters will be based on projected ADM on a FY2020 ADM20 or Charter Estimated Counts as outlined in SF memo 19-044.

As of the July 9th deadline, 45 Charters were missing data from both AzEDS and Charter Estimated Counts. School Finance will email those charters to update them with the new deadline as follows:

School Finance is extending the deadline to 7/15/2019 at 4:30 P.M. and will use the higher of either AzEDS or Charter Estimated Counts at that time.


If your charter chooses to use Charter Estimated Counts, instructions to access or get permissions differ based on the specific user as follows.

If you are submitting for 1 Charter LEA If you are submitting for more than 1 Charter LEA
Access “Charter Estimated Counts” via a direct link ADEConnect.

If the application is not visible, find your Entity Administrator here. Ask your Entity Administrator to assign you the role: “Business Office and State Aid Update-Legacy.” If you do not have an Entity Administrator and need access to Charter Estimated Counts, please email [email protected].

Access “Charter Estimated Counts” via a direct link Common Logon.


If the application is not visible, request access at http://www.azed.gov/requests/.

  • Choosing New User or Update Existing User
  • Choose “School Finance-related Applications”
  • The form will ask for approval from an authorized person at your LEA.
  • Enter your contact information as the user
  • The form will ask for the entity id or CTDS of your LEA
  • Choose to ADD “Charter Estimated Accounts” under the “Individual Application Access – School Finance” heading.

Please contact [email protected] for support as needed.