UPDATE: School District FY 2020 Proposed Budget Processing Delay

Published: June 7th, 2019

Update Date: June 17, 2019

The budget system has been set to active for processing of the school district FY 2020 budget file uploads. Any FY 2020 proposed budget file uploads for school districts previously held for processing have been released.

Please review the district’s budget submitted file status page for the FY 2020 budget file upload; and, email [email protected] with questions or requests for assistance regarding FY 2020 expenditure budget submissions.

Thank you.


Due to the extensive re-mapping of the school district budget forms with the consolidation of the worksheets and expenditure budget, plus readying the budget system to accept the significant changes, the FY 2020 proposed budget file for school districts (this does not apply to the hearing notification file upload) are being held for processing.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: the delay in the budget system processing does not prevent any school district from timely uploading the FY 2020 budget and meeting notification to adopt. The district can still link the proposed budget and meeting notification, upload the Excel files, and perform the required website posting of the Excel links. The budget upload date on the districts School Finance budget submitted file status page, along with a copy of this School Finance Hot Topic, can serve as verification of the districts FY 2020 proposed budget file upload and the notice of delay in system processing.

For as soon as the budget system is ready to accept the school district FY 2020 proposed budget files, a member of the School Finance budget team will manually release the files for processing.

The target date for processing files held by School Finance is Wednesday, June 12, 2019.

Please email any questions regarding this hot topic notice to [email protected]