AzEDS Integrity Rule 90003 and Observing Veteran’s Day

Published: July 12th, 2018

Calendar Integrity rule 90003 was requiring a “Veteran’s Day” descriptor on either 11/11/2018 or 11/12/2018 (the following Monday), however, this was not allowing for 100% of scenarios across the state. School Finance requested the rule be updated to require the event descriptor on 11/11/2018 only, as in previous years.

FY2019 calendars that had passed Integrity with 11/12/2018 marked as Veterans’ Day are now failing based on this rule update.

If your submitted calendar is now failing Integrity because of this rule change, you will need to change the event descriptor on 11/11/2018 to Veterans’ Day and resync this change with AzEDS. You may use the event descriptor of Non-Session Day or Other Holiday if you choose to observe Veterans’ Day on a weekday, or “Instructional Day” if your school is in session. The Veterans’ Day event descriptor may only be used on the actual date that the holiday occurs.

Please note that resyncing this change will not require previously certified calendars to be recertified. Recertification is only required if your SIS deletes the existing calendar track to repost it. Calendar tracks do not have to pass Integrity to be certified.