Sign Up for the Arizona Broadband for Education Initiative Now!

Published: April 7th, 2017

The deadline is approaching for Arizona schools to get reimbursed for their broadband services.

Arizona K-12 schools that need little to no cost broadband connection services must act soon to take advantage of the new Arizona Broadband for Education Initiative. The deadline for 2017 is April 13 to post your Form 470 and associated RFP.

All the steps for the process are on the ADE website under Broadband Initiative. From here, scroll down and click on “Get Broadband for Your School” to begin. The process should take less than an hour. It’s that easy!

Those who need help should immediately contact your State E-Rate Director and ADE representative, Milan Eaton. Arizona schools have been waiting long enough—the time to add high-speed Internet capabilities in all Arizona classrooms is now!