What’s the best way to get started?

Published: February 1st, 2017

View your district’s profile on Compare & Connect K-12. Your profile displays your public E-rate filing information, your recommended minimum bandwidth speed based on number of students, and a list of other districts purchasing comparable services.

Determine the bandwidth needed for your schools and/or district hub in order to support digital learning in the classroom: SEDTA’s K-12 Bandwidth Goals Compare & Connect K-12

Contact your E-rate consultant (if applicable) about the upgrade opportunity available through the Arizona Broadband for Education Initiative and discuss a timeline and next steps.

Create your Form 470 with an attached RFP

These are meant to be inserted into your existing RFP boilers that specifies local and state procurement requirements. Sample Form 470 narrative language and best practices are available here.

Post your Form 470 (s) with your attached RFP by 3-1-17 on the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) portal.

Inform your current/local service providers that your RFP has been posted.

Wait a minimum of 28 days from posting your Form 470 then begin evaluating bids and select the solution that fits your needs with overall cost being the heaviest weighted factor (Execution of contract should be contingent upon funding approval) (Close of 471 window – TBA).

Send your requested State Funding amount to EducationSuperHighway and State Erate Director according to the application review process once finalized by the state.