Does Arizona have a State Matching Fund to cover infrastructure costs?

Published: February 1st, 2017

The Arizona Corporation Commission is currently evaluating the possibility of using the Arizona Universal Service Fund (AUSF) to provide a portion of the total State Matching Fund. The Commission will likely be considering this program in February or March.

A one-time distribution of $8-13 million from the existing AUSF would serve as the large portion of the state’s match. In order to ensure that an accurate dollar amount is requested in the state legislative session, our working group needs to determine an estimate of what it will cost applicants districts to get the needed infrastructure. To do this, we encourage all districts who are interested in this proposed additional funding to go through the normal E-rate process by posting a Form 470 and RFP by February 1st and have bids close by March 1stth. That way, we”ll have an idea of what budget amount should be requested by the state.