COVID-19 Certification Updates

Published: May 18th, 2020

The following items were approved by the Arizona State Board of Education on May 18, 2020.

Emergency Teaching Certificates

The Board approved a rule change to allow teacher preparation program completers to qualify for an “unrestricted” Emergency Teaching Certificate without a request from a superintendent if the applicant was unable to take the required AEPA/NES exams because of a public health emergency.  An Emergency Teaching Certificate that is issued under this rule will be in the certification area that aligns with the applicant’s teacher preparation program and will be valid to teach in any Arizona public school.  A certificate issued under this rule will be valid for one school year and will not be re-issued or extended.

Interim Administrative Certificate

The Board approved a rule change to allow individuals who otherwise qualify for a Standard Professional Administrative certificate, but who are unable to meet the AEPA/NES Administrator exam requirement because of a public health emergency, to qualify for a one-year Interim Administrative certificate.  The Interim Administrative certificate will be issued and valid for one year and will not be renewed or extended.

Pearson Test Center Opening

Pearson has recently re-opened testing centers in Arizona. For additional information on testing center openings/closings due to COVID-19, visit

Please contact the certification unit at (602) 542-4367 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

Thank you for your service to Arizona’s students.