Teach Again

Published: April 1st, 2020

Know someone who was a teacher in Arizona?
Know someone who is thinking about coming back to teaching?
Do you want to head back to the classroom?

Recertification is easier than ever! Due to legislative changes to certification rules in the last few years, there may be ways to meet some requirements for recertification, such as required exams, with prior teaching experience or other qualifications that an individual may already hold.

To assist former teachers in returning to the classroom, the Arizona Department of Education has added an additional tab to the certification page titled, “Teach Again.” This page is designed to assist anyone with an expired or lapsed Arizona teaching certificate to be recertified and return to the classroom.

To review the process for recertification, please visit the Arizona Department of Education’s website at Teach Again. You also may call us at 602-542-4367 for additional information.