Data Sharing Agreements

Below is a list of active Data Sharing Agreements between the Arizona Department of Education and other parties/organizations.

Organization Name and Project (if applicable)


Data Type

Arizona Association of Food Bank 6/30/2020 Aggregated Level Data
Arizona Charter Schools Association 6/30/2020 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Arizona Department of Child Safety (Guardian Program) 6/30/2023 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Arizona Department of Economic Security (Early Intervention Program) 6/30/2020 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Arizona Department of Health Services (Home Visiting System and the MIECHV Grant/AZ Health Zone) 10/1/2021 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data/ Aggregated Level Data
Arizona Rehabilitation Service Administration (DES) 6/30/2022 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Arizona State Board for Charter Schools 12/31/2020 Aggregated Level Data
Arizona State Board of Education Signed on 6/11/2019 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Arizona State University Signed on 12/21/2018 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Arizona State University 6/30/2020 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
ASBA & AASBO 12/31/2021 Aggregated Level Data
ASBA & AASBO Signed on 10/23/2018 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Boston University 12/31/2020 Aggregated Level Data
Cambridge International Examinations Signed on 11/9/2016 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
CEEDAR Center Signed on 1/7/2016 Aggregated Level Data
Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) 12/31/2023 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Educational Policy Institute (EPI) 5/31/2020 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
First Things First 12/31/2020 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA) Signed on 8/16/2013 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Navajo Nation Signed on 7/28/2015 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Quadrant Research Signed on 8/26/2019 Aggregated Level Data
Rio Salado College 12/31/2029 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
Robert Franciosi Signed on 8/30/2016 Individual (Student/Teacher) Level Data
RTI International 6/30/2020 Aggregated Level Data
Share Our Strength 6/30/2021 Aggregated Level Data
University of Arizona (UofA) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 6/30/2021 Aggregated Level Data
Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW) 6/30/2020 Aggregated Level Data


*The data listed may be the data of signature, the expiration date, or the date of destruction as applicable.