Superintendent Hoffman’s Statement on the FY2021 Proposed Executive Budget

Published: January 17th, 2020

PHOENIX – Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman released the following statement on Governor Doug Ducey’s FY 2021 Proposed Budget:

“Throughout my travels around the state, I’ve heard and seen firsthand the passionate support that Arizonans have for continued and increased investment in our public education system. In reviewing Governor Ducey’s proposed budget, I’m hopeful that we will continue to find bipartisan support for the issues facing our public schools.”

“There are several items in the budget that will build upon the work of our Department and provide schools with critical resources. By providing the funds necessary to fulfill each school’s first choice in the School Safety Program, Arizona will take a necessary step towards ensuring that school safety is not treated as a competition. Additionally, the increased funds for the investigative unit – paired with fully-funding the top choices of the School Safety Program waitlist – will go a long way in ensuring our students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn at school.”

“In addition to school safety, the budget address several key needs: early restoration of Additional Assistance and increased funding for school facilities will help schools meet the needs of their communities, more dollars dedicated to Adult Education will unlock the economic and personal potential of so many individuals in our state, and targeted assistance through programs like Project Rocket will elevate schools that need extra support.”

“Inclusion of the final installment of the 20×2020 raises is excellent news for Arizona’s teachers, but I have long said these raises only represented a first step. Now is the time for our state to start planning for what comes next. We know that our teacher shortage has persisted even with these raises, and it will take a holistic, comprehensive approach to move the needle, keep qualified educators in the classroom, and ensure that Arizona’s education system is regionally competitive.”

“Our goal must continue to be a fair and equitable public education system that provides high-quality education for every student in our state – I will continue to advocate for policies that move Arizona in that direction.”