Program Overview

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All Arizonans are engaged as active, informed, and responsible participants in our communities.
Quote from Sandra Day O'Connor


The Civic Education and Community
Engagement (CE2) program aims to increase civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions by:

  • providing resources and professional civic learning opportunities
  • recognizing schools and programs that utilize the ten proven practices of civic learning
  • sharing and advocating for best practices in civic participation
  • cultivating collaborative spaces for community engagement.

In July and August 2019 the Civic Education Committee met at their first annual retreat and made some exciting changes in the program based on the feedback of our Civic Engagement Schools and research in the field on civic education and engagement. The name of the program was changed from The Excellence in Civic Engagement Program to The Civic Education and Community Engagement Program. This change was made because we wanted to expand the program from the focus on the K-12 School Award to a program that not only recognizes exceptional Civic Learning programs in our K-12 schools but also our Institutes of Higher Education and programs by organizations that focus on Civic Learning programs for Adult Education. We also wanted the community engagement to become a larger focus of our mission.

Along with the changes in the program, there are significant changes in the school award. In addition to the Civic Engagement Schools Award for K-12 schools, post-secondary programs and community organizations who offer exceptional program for adults will also be recognized through a separate application and award. In addition to program recognition, The Civic Education and Community Engagement Program (CE2) will increase its focus and commitment to providing high quality professional development and community outreach. The annual Civic Learning Conference will continue each year.