stARTem: Arts Integration in Arizona Schools

Published: November 26th, 2018

stARTem consists of a group of educators and artists, who bring creative opportunities for students to discover their purpose. By integrating art into STEM, we believe that stARTem will strengthen students’ ability to connect to the real world improving their academic performance and set them up for future success. stARTem provides STEAM programing to K-12 schools fusing the art of learning and creation through paint, film and photography. We provide our standard aligned curriculum, teachers and all materials. We’re currently implementing our program in eight schools throughout the Phoenix area. We’re looking to impact and inspire more students throughout the state. stARTem also provides PD to better support content teachers with integrating creative solutions within their classroom through art & STEM connections. We believe in the power of STEAM and desire to advance 21st Century learning skills.


stARTem was developed by our Founder, Megan Epley. Megan is an educator passionate about helping students discover their identity through creative learning methods. As an artist with nearly a decade of teaching experience in low-income communities as an Art Teacher and Reading & Math Intervention Teacher, Megan began recognizing that the schools were missing a crucial developmental element to success, creativity. She began integrating art with her intervention groups and her students’ test scores began increasing dramatically. Thus the idea for stARTem was born. Megan began researching, developing and finding support to advance her dream. She is a SEED SPOT ( a social entrepreneurial accelerator program) alum where stARTem received an award for their innovation and creativity. In 2016, stARTem launched their program at Western School of Science of Technology who continues to be a champion and partner. After three years, Megan has been able to grow her dream as well as team. stARTem has five teachers, a community development manager as well as a curriculum specialist. stARTem has partnered with eight schools as well as with partnerships with ASU and GCU.

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