Additional AzEDS Integrity Rules for FY20

Published: March 19th, 2020

Effective March 19th 2020, two new integrity rules will be implemented for SPED data validations in AzEDS. This is in an ongoing effort to ensure clean data within the fiscal year, and avoid corrections of data after close of the fiscal year.

SPED Rule(s):

-40073 Only SPED Exit Codes may be used to exit a SPED Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

This rule is to ensure any exit code associated with a SPED LRE must be a SPED Exit Code. There have been previous cases where exit codes with similar exit descriptions have been reported for SPED data. Particularly

  • ELL05 Transferred to a different program
  • ELL06 End of school year

-40075 SPED Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) with Exit Code SPED07 must have enrollment end on same exit date.

This rule is to ensure student reported as dropped out from SPED are ending their enrollment on the same date. If enrollment continues after the SPED LRE then another exit code must be selected.

  • A new enrollment may be reported at the site if the student returns.

All Integrity errors can be found on the AzEDS Portal – INTEG15 Student Data Integrity Report.)