Record Level Security

Published: February 18th, 2020

Record Level Security is a security feature in AzEDS API that addresses the issue where one LEA can delete the records of another LEA. This issue typically occurs in a tuition out scenario where multiple LEAs are reporting data to AzEDS about students enrolled at some point in the fiscal year in the same private day school. This issue does not occur for student data reported at a school that is directly owned by the LEA.

Phase I of this feature is now complete and has been live since December 13, 2019. This phase enabled data submitted to AzEDS to be automatically tagged with the LEA owner ID as soon as the data is received by AzEDS. In order to ensure all records are tagged with ownership, it is recommended that LEAs resync or refresh (updating will not tag existing records) their data. The method to submit the data is dependent on your Student Information System (SIS). Each SIS vendor is aware that this process needs to take place, so if you have questions on what actions you need to take to get your data tagged, please contact your SIS vendor.

Phase II of this feature was tested and went live on February 21, 2020. Record-level security will now be enforced. Any attempts to update or delete records by a LEA that does not own that record will cause the SIS to receive an error from AzEDS.

If you have students from your LEA that are tuitioned-out to private day schools, it is highly recommended that you complete the resync or refresh of your data to get your records tagged as this will protect them from being deleted by another LEA when they try to resync their data.