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Everyone Counts, Everyone In – Participating in the 2015 PSO Survey


♦ New Requirement – 2015 PSO Data Collection

All Arizona students who had an IEP in effect at the time of exiting high school as a graduate, drop-out or by aging out will be contacted to take the Post School Outcomes (PSO) Survey one year after leaving school. Conducting the PSO Survey is the responsibility of the school or district from which the student exited.

Graduating from high school and pursuing a productive adulthood is one of the more significant transitions faced by adolescents. Indicator 14, also known as the post school outcomes data collection, provides an opportunity for States and public education agencies (PEAs) to determine if youth with disabilities are positively engaged (i.e., enrolled in postsecondary education/training or employed) once they leave high school.

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Resources to Announce the PSO Survey to students, families and the community


♦ Everyone Counts, Everyone In One Page Summary English and Spanish

♦ PSO Sample Contact Form Directions

♦ PSO Sample Letter – Word Document in English or Spanish

PSO Sample Contact Form – Word Document

PSO Sample Contact Form – Word Document with Fillable Fields



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Resources to Conduct the PSO Survey


New! Recorded Trainings – “Obtaining Access to the PSO application in ADE Connect” & “Essentials for Participating in the 2015 Post School Outcomes Survey

Essentials PowerPoint Presentation

Essentials Screen Shots

Definitions of Categories of Engagement

♦ Arizona’s PSO Survey Questions/Protocol – PSO Protocol July 2015

♦ Arizona’s PSO Glossary of Terms – AZ PSO Glossary Listed Alphabetically

♦ Contacting Hard to Find Youth –  NPSO Tips

Updated schedule of PSO Trainings – Now Available!



Results from the PSO Survey 


New! Recorded Training – “Arizona Post School Outcomes Survey Results

♦ Results of the 2014 PSO Data Collection Now available!

Arizona’s Post School Outcomes (PSO) Statewide Results of the PSO Survey for Students who Exited in the 2011-2012 School Year

Screen Shots accessing PSO data reports 

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