Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI)

 Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI)

  • Enhance data-based planning by your school and district
  • Assess staff perceptions
  • Gain insight on conditions that support professional learning
  • Acquaint educators with the Learning Forward/ADE Standards for Professional Learning
  • Anonymous, web-based survey takes 15-20 minutes
  • Results automatically calculated and presented graphically

Read this Invitation letter for participation information.The Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI) for this school year is based on the new Learning Forward 2011 Standards for Professional Learning. Documents are being produced related to these Standards. The documents below refer to the 2001 Standards and are of value to support you until the newer documents are available from Learning Forward. The procedures for access are relevant for the 2012-2013 school year and the new Inventory is available now.

The crosswalk that compares these two similar sets of Standards is available.

Information on the 2011 Standards from Professional Learning can be accessed at:

Please see the Facilitator’s Guide

 **Professional development leaders and administrators should become familiar with the new Standards, their intent and the slight changes.

These refer to the 2001 Standards and may still be useful:

Please view the following RESOURCES for further information and to participate:
Assessment Inventory Measures Professional Development Quality by S. Hirsh (2001)
SAI FAQ’s(2001)
SAI–Getting Ready (2001)
ADE Guidelines: Professional Development Standards and Practices

When you have results from participation in the SAI, the following resources will be useful:
Full Day Training – Using SAI (2001)
Half Day Training – Using The Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI) (2001)
New SAI Module

Two more SAI resources are available in IDEAL. These were produced for use by LEA 2141 committees. Click either link below and complete the IDEAL Sign In if requested. The documents are in School Improvement > Resources in the menu on the left, then look for “Comprehensive Professional Development Planning”.
SAI Tool – District
SAI Tool – School 

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